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Moving towards Zero Waste

Assist RunSedona in ZERO WASTE

Zero Waste is often described as a waste diversion from landfills, so in 2021 the event will reduce packaging, handouts, SWAG items, and food waste.

Reduce and Reuse come before Recycle

We are asking participants, vendors, and sponsors to participate in the goal of creating a more sustainable event by doing a few simple things.

Vendors/sponsors have committed to limit paper handouts, and other disposable promotional items by providing electronic versions – Virtual Coupons – little, or no, Styrofoam packaging in SWAG items. And minimizing single-use or low-value, plastic marketing items.

Participants bringing their own reusable water bottles – instead of using cups – assists immensely in achieving the Zero Waste goal. The event’s cups are recyclable, but remember reduce/reuse BEFORE recycle. Food items will be sorted on-site for composting – please allow our volunteers to assist in the sorting of waste at the time of disposal. Event volunteers will be located near each waste/recycling bin.

Adopting a zero-waste event will take some time, planning and effort. It likely won’t happen overnight. However, once you start thinking in these terms, the zero-waste event gets easier over time.

Reduce, reuse and recycle instead of discarding. While this requires some sacrifices, and inconvenience, it is also very rewarding to know you are helping the planet through sustainable living.




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