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What is a Virtual Marathon Race and how does it work at RunSedona?

Much like the in-person running race world, the opportunities for Virtual racing are only limited by your imagination, and interest. Prior to 2020, US Virtual events were found in many races to accommodate runners who wanted to ‘participate’ but were not geographically able to actually attend in-person.  Typically running on their own “home” course on the same day/time as the in-person events, races expanded participation.

2020 has realized that facing the need for safety, socially distanced participation in a Virtual race can be a great way to keep the love of running going — from social e-contact, fitness motivation, and benefits to local communities and non-profits.  For 2021 RunSedona has embraced the Virtual opportunity for participants offering 5K/10K/Half and Full marathon as additional options!  So while RunSedona 2021 continues to work very very hard to secure permits to host in-person running in the beautiful Red Rocks on February 6, 2021, to be sure that all of the great RunSedona participants can feel comfortable running in February, Virtual events will be offered at each of the three same distances as in-person, PLUS a Virtual marathon distance!

“Anywhere” 5K/10K/Half/Full courses, one-day – February 6, 2021 –  in which to complete the distance.  Run, jog, walk — on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym, or on the track, and log your finish time.   RunSedona will offer the RaceJoy App providing an “Anywhere” route, gps tracking, cheers, and the ability to directly load up results to the race results roster.  RunSedona Virtual events will offer custom  swag – a neck gaitor and finisher stickers, which will be direct-mailed out or available for pick up at either the Run Sedona or Run Flagstaff shops.  And your custom run bib and finisher certificate can be printed directly from your registration profile.  RunSedona Virtual events will present logged results in finish time order but won’t acknowledge/provide scoring and category speed awards (since the running is not head-to-head and gps timing is not considered 100% accurate).

While missing the crowd energy, Virtual racing does have benefits – no parking issues, no port-a-potty lines, always on-time for your start, keeping your RunSedona streak going, pick your own and favorite route to run on February 6, 2021, — fun aspects of making the best of the Virtual opportunity.

RunSedona 2021 is adding Virtual events as we have not yet received the required permissions to run in-person –but even more, we want to include the opportunity for all of the great RunSedona runners to participate with convenience and a comfort level in this extraordinary time.  As the Sedona guidance changes, please know that no-fee event switches can be available to all who have registered for either the physical or Virtual events via your Run Sign Up account.

We appreciate your support of the Run Sedona race – keeping the running going in the Red Rocks!


In these extraordinary times, next-best, running virtually, can provide rewards well worth the effort as our “new normal”. RunSedona will host runners on February 6, 2021 who are not able to be on-site in the Red Rocks or who are simply not comfortable traveling at this time. Take on the challenge and resulting accomplishment of going the distance with the Virtual Run Sedona. Choose your own route, plan your support needs, and load up your results after your run.

AND for 2/6/21, Virtual RunSedona can support a full distance 26.2 marathon event in the mix as well!

What you get:

* Digitally available RunSedona Race Bib

* Custom Neck Gaitor ****

* Personal Timing

* Race Results by Overall submitted times

* RaceJoy gps-phone app tracking and cheers on the ‘Anywhere’ course

* 2020 Finisher Medal ****

* Digital Finisher Certificate

**** Gaitor and Medal can be collected at Run Sedona or Run Flagstaff from Saturday, February 6 through Monday, February 8.

RunSedona is a Series Runner Event.

Terms & Conditions:

Once you have entered a race, your entry fees are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and non-refundable, under any and all circumstances, including City/County/State COVID-related impacts/restrictions, but not limited to, cancellation of the event or of your participation, or change in the date, nature, or format of the event due to current mandates/restrictions. An event may be cancelled or changed due to severe weather or other factors that threaten the safety of participants, staff, or volunteers.




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